Code of Ethics

Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC)


As a member of the TEDC, I hereby accept and agree to comply with the following Code of Ethics Policy.

Adhere to a standard of professional conduct that reflects our commitment to excellence, advances the interests of the citizenry we serve, and enhances the reputation of the economic development profession.
Conduct our initiatives and programs with high professional ethics, always paying special attention to not take advantage of other’s misfortune (i.e., natural disaster). 
Make agreements and commitments in a fair, honest, and straightforward manner, acting in good faith to avoid actual and apparent conflicts of interest, and refusing to accept inducements designed to improperly influence our decisions or the decisions of those we serve. 

Respect the ownership and confidentiality of information received during the course of our duties, realizing that proprietary information may be disclosed only with the expressed permission of the owner of the information, and should never be used for personal gain. 

Accept individual responsibility to advance TEDC and the economic development profession by improving our skills and supporting efforts to improve the skills of others involved in economic development. 
Cooperate in exchanging information and ideas reflecting the best practices, procedures, trends, and policies related to economic development, and in supporting the mission, programs and bylaws of the TEDC. 
Act in good faith to assure that specific economic development projects, practices, and procedures will be carried out with due consideration for human and natural resources.