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One of the most important aspects of the TEDC is the work performed by the wide range of committees established to address both internal and external organizational issues.  Joining and becoming active in one or more of these committees is the most effective way for members to get involved in the TEDC and advance the goals of the economic development profession.  The success of the TEDC largely depends on the talent, energy and expertise of TEDC members and their work on various committees.

Internal Committees
Internal committees focus on issues related to the management of the TEDC, including the budget, the annual conference, strategic planning, membership recruitment and retention, and nominations for leadership positions within the organization.  All of these committees are established by TEDC by-laws.

External Committees
External TEDC committees provide members with the opportunity to influence the policy and legislative environment under which the economic development profession operates. These committees focus on issues such as the economic development sales tax, legislative affairs and workforce development.  Members interested in playing a more active role in the political process may want to become involved in the TEDC Political Action Committee (TEDC PAC).

How to Get Involved
The first step is to orient yourself with the different TEDC committees and decide which committee or  committees interest you the most.  The next step is to contact the TEDC or the Committee Chair to express your desire to be a part of a specific committee(s).  The time commitment involved in serving on a TEDC committee varies and depends on how much time you have to offer.

Committees whose members are designated by the TEDC By-laws or appointment:

  • Budget
  • Community Economic Development Award  (CEDA)
  • Compensation
  • Executive
  • Investment
  • Nominating

Committees open to all TEDC members:   (descriptions below)