Community Economic Development Award


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Nominations for the 2018 Community Economic Development Awards are now closed. The recipients of the 2018 CEDA will be recognized during an award luncheon on Thursday, October 18th at the TEDC's 2018 Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Recipients and nominees of the 2017 CEDA were recognized at the TEDC's 2017 Annual Conference in Houston, Texas on October 19, 2017.

Congratulations to the 2017 CEDA recipients. Click here to view the press release announcement regarding the 2017 Community Economic Development Award.

In 1995, the TEDC established the Community Economic Development Award (CEDA), to honor excellence and exceptional contributions of Texas communities in economic development.  The criteria used to determine the CEDA recipients include:


  • innovativeness
  • transferability
  • community commitment and leveragability
  • measurable objectives
  • ancillary benefits to the community


  • Community recognition on TEDC's website for one year for award recipients
  • Plaque recognition to display in your community for all applicants
  • Community recognition at TEDC's annual conference award's luncheon for all applicants

»CEDA Recipients 1995-2017