Future Leaders Training Program

Join the TEDC's Flight Crew!

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Future Leaders Training is a new program designed to foster future leadership in the TEDC, encouraging leadership in the organization and their communities.
Created in 2019 with the main mission of growing leaders within the TEDC and helping them build their TEDC resume. This program is built around the core values of:
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Authenticity
  • Impact-Oriented
  • Servant Leadership

What will you learn?

FLT candicates will gain a deeper understanding of TEDC through full, intentional participation at conferences and will learn important lessons from the following Leadership Topics:

    Required Leadership Topics: Individual Leadership, Organization Leadership, Community Leadership

    Elective Leadership Topics: Media Strategies, Public Speaking & Presentations, Persuasive Negotiations

Who can participate?

The FLT program is open to Active TEDC members in good standing. Candidates must have written support from their employer. Candidates must commit to full participation in required seminars and involvement in TEDC committees and board meetings.

How to I apply?

Complete the application, obtain relevant signatures, and email to Amy Swank at amy@texasedc.org.
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How much does it cost?

FLT seminars cost $45 each, paid at the time of conference registration. When attending a FLT seminar, the candidate must also register (and pay) for and attend the associated TEDC conference.

How do I finish the FLT program and what do I get for completing it?

The following is required, within a three-year period, to complete the FLT program

  1. Attend six (6) FLT seminars - one from each of the three required leadership topics
  2. Attend six (6) TEDC board meetings
  3. Visit each open TEDC committee at least once
  4. Serve as an active member of at least one committee each year you are in the program

A FLT candidate has completed the program once s/he has completed all of the above requirements with documentation. Upon completion of the FLT program, candidates will recive a certificate of completion and a lapel pin to wear at subsequent TEDC conferences.

What is the time commitment?

FLT candidates must attend six TEDC FLT seminars within a three-year period, including at least one from each of the required leadership topics - Individual, Organization and Community Leadership. Seminars will be offered on the first day of each TEDC conference, before the conference officially begins. The candidate is required to register for and attend the full TEDC conference associated with the FLT seminar, including committee meetings and board meetings.

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*Must also register for the 2019 Annual Conference
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