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Tue, 12/04/2018
Invest Puerto Rico
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San Juan
Puerto Rico
Job Description: 

Invest Puerto Rico (IPR) is a non-profit organization created by the Government of Puerto Rico via Law 13-2017 with the mission of promoting Puerto Rico as a competitive investment jurisdiction to attract new business and external capital to the Island. The entity’s Board of Directors is composed of three members from the public sector and eight members from the private sector. IPR is presently in the start-up phase and is in the process of developing its organization and operations. As such, IPR is an entrepreneurial organization with a limited number of staff who are both innovators and self-starters working collaboratively to ensure that the organization fulfills its important mission of promoting Puerto Rico as a destination for new business and investment.  The IPR operating budget is $4.5 million with a projected staff of approximately 15 people.  As early as January 2019, IPR is also projected to receive and administer federal disaster recovery funds in the amount of $12 million. These funds are designated to build the Puerto Rico economy and must be used within a two-year span, by 2021. Additional federal disaster recovery funds are anticipated to be received in the future.

Chief Executive Officer
The Chief Executive Officer is the top executive and is responsible for the general management and representation of IPR. The position reports directly to the IPR Board of Directors. Broad responsibilities include representing IPR in promotion efforts around the world, working with the IPR Board of Directors in achieving IPR’s strategic goals, and developing IPR into a premier organization for the attraction of new investments in Puerto Rico. The individual in this position should have a commitment and desire to make a positive impact on Puerto Rico’s economic future, and will work with the IPR Board of Directors to develop a strong and executable vision for both IPR and the Island.
The Person
·       Serving as the principal spokesperson for IPR in a variety of forums, with federal, state and local governments, partnering organizations, and businesses, pro-actively and reactively, with a goal to enhance IPR’s overall image, objectives, and strategies;
·       Establishing and maintaining an open relationship with the IPR Board of Directors individually and collectively;
·       Advising and cooperating with the IPR Board of Directors in developing, refining, and executing on IPR’s overall strategy;
·       Tracking key performance metrics (KPIs) and reporting progress toward achievement of goals outlined in IPR’s overall strategy to the IPR Board of Directors;
·       Direction and supervision of the administrative affairs of the IPR Board of Directors and any other board, subsidiary, division, or committee of the organization;
·       Liaising between the IPR Board of Directors and management of IPR;
·       Responsibility of developing IPR’s organizational culture on the basis of articulated goals, values,  behaviors, and clear, measurable performance metrics where staff will be inspired to succeed;
·       Defining and shaping what success looks like as the organizations moves forward;
·       Providing leadership including continuous guidance, direction, and performance monitoring to the senior executive team;
·       Developing and maintaining strategic and diverse partnerships and alliances with local, regional, and international partners;
·       Cooperation and coordination with relevant organizations and other stakeholders in Puerto Rico and around the world;
·       Responsible for reviewing, approving, and ensuring timely and effective completion of:
o   IPR’s annual budget prepared by the Director of Finance and Administration;
o   IPR annual report and any other required reports;
o   Hiring of external professional services; and
o   Establishment of personnel policies;
·       Ensuring that there is adequate funding to ensure the continued growth and success of IPR; and
·       Other responsibilities that the IPR Board of Directors determines to be appropriate in order to fulfill IPR’s mission and mandate.

Job Requirements: 

Role-specific Qualifications
·       Has executive presence, conveys authority, and can serve as a spokesperson;
·       Ability to develop the strategy and direction of an organization including establishing the organization’s culture, values, and behavior;
·       Capable of thinking “big picture,” absorbing knowledge quickly, thinking broadly, analyzing thoroughly, and acting decisively;
·       Strong knowledge and understanding of economic development from marketing and political perspectives including global, regional, and local impacts;
·       An extensive network of business and economic development professionals;
·       Strong leadership skills including ability to lead and direct a senior executive team; and
·       Flexibility in work schedule, with ability to work occasional weekends and evenings.
General Qualifications
·       A strong desire to have a positive impact on Puerto Rico’s economic future;
·       Broad knowledge of Puerto Rico’s economy: both its challenges and opportunities;
·       Broad knowledge of the non-profit, public, and private sectors;
·       Exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and be results and solutions oriented;
·       Excellent written and oral communication skills;
·       Superior networking and relationship-building skills, including individuals of diverse backgrounds;
·       Ability to effectively and credibly communicate with leaders at the top levels of business and government;
·       Ability to proactively manage internal and external stakeholders;
·       Strong conflict resolution and consensus-building skills;
·       Demonstrated credibility, integrity, and sincerity; and
·       Preference for bilingual skills in English and Spanish. Knowledge and fluency in other languages is also a plus.


·       Four-year degree from an accredited institution in business, economics, marketing, or a related field;
·       A master’s degree is strongly preferred;
·       A minimum of 15+ years of economic development or related experience, preferably in an economy and/or environment similar to that of Puerto Rico;
·       Demonstrated success at increasing economic vitality in a multi-jurisdictional region;
·       Exceptionally strong skills in selling the merits of a region and attracting businesses and investment;
·       The ability to understand and lead a diverse array of economic development efforts;
·       Willingness to travel nationally and internationally;
·       Willingness to relocate to Puerto Rico full-time;
·       Significant experience at the senior management level;
·       Experience in both the private and public sectors is preferred;
·       Experience with public relations, media relations, and public speaking;
·       Strong track record of successfully building and leading new organizations;
·       Demonstrated success in establishing organizational priorities, delegating, and motivating others to build a team-oriented and high-performance environment;
·       Proven track record promoting inclusion and diversity both internal and external to an organization;
·       Demonstrated success working with Board members and organizational partners to set and achieve goals (may also have been on a public or not-for-profit board as a member);
·       Proven experience developing, leading, and delivering results for investment and/or economic development promotion strategies; and
·       Experience using macroeconomic data and trends to understand opportunities and determine strategies.

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