Chief Business Development and Investor Support

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Tue, 12/04/2018
Invest Puerto Rico
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San Juan
Puerto Rico
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Invest Puerto Rico (IPR) is a non-profit organization created by the Government of Puerto Rico via Law 13-2017 with the mission of promoting Puerto Rico as a competitive investment jurisdiction to attract new business and external capital to the Island. The entity’s Board of Directors is composed of three members from the public sector and eight members from the private sector. IPR is presently in the start-up phase and is in the process of developing its organization and operations. As such, IPR is an entrepreneurial organization with a limited number of staff who are both innovators and self-starters working collaboratively to ensure that the organization fulfills its important mission of promoting Puerto Rico as a destination for new business and investment.

Chief of Business Development and Investor Support
The Chief of Business Development and Investor Support will work with IPR leadership to attract new business and investment to Puerto Rico, manage investor inquiries, and provide investors with assistance as they are considering Puerto Rico as a location for investment. The position reports to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Broad responsibilities include representing IPR in and being accountable for investment attraction efforts around the world by developing and executing a business development strategy, responding to investor inquiries, providing assistance with regulatory or operational issues, and managing a team of business developers to enable these efforts.
The Person
Business Development
·        Working closely with the IPR Chief Marketing Officer to:
o   Develop, refine, and execute a marketing, branding, and communications strategy that supports IPR brand development and lead generation;
o   Develop tailored value propositions for target industries and lead generation activities; and
o   Plan relevant local events for target audiences;
·        Responsible for managing implementation of business development activities identified in the marketing and promotion plan, including but not limited to:
o   Attendance of business development staff at IPR-hosted events such as conferences, trade shows, and other events in Puerto Rico, the U.S., and the world;  and
o   Follow up and outreach by business development staff to leads generated and identified at events and through other promotion channels (e.g., website, personal networks, advertising, etc.);
·        Collecting, analyzing, and compiling economic, market and demographic data for dissemination;
·        Managing and providing support including ongoing performance feedback and coaching to business development staff, in addition to the broader private sector business development stakeholders, to deliver results;
·        Developing clear and measurable goals and objectives for all lead generation activities;
·        Monitoring and evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of staff customer service delivery methods and procedures;
·        Developing and maintaining professional relationships with local and regional economic development entities and officials; and
·        Assisting with the identification of relevant promotional events around the world to attend.
Investor Support Services
·        Developing, designing, and implementing an investor support strategy required for IPR to serve as a “one-stop-shop” to serve an investor’s or potential investor’s needs;
·        Developing  procedures, protocols, and a work team structure to assist an investor with permitting, regulatory, operational, or other challenges;
·        Handling of investor inquiries and connecting an investor to the correct person or information source;
·        Responsible for ensuring the successful planning and execution of investor site visits (i.e., airport pick-ups, tours of available facilities, meetings with suppliers, etc.);
·        Refining and managing a customer relationship management (CRM) system to monitor inquiries, requests, information provision, lead potential, and investment status; and
·        Managing and providing support including ongoing performance feedback and coaching to investor support staff.
Budget, Reporting, and Coordination
·        Working closely with the Chief of Marketing Officer and Director of Finance and Administration to develop an appropriate budget and resource strategy to ensure proper representation at relevant events and in other business development activities;
·        Coordination with the relevant staff within IPR and the DDEC on the collection and management of accurate data and information that can readily be made available to potential investors;
·        Collaborating and coordinating with relevant organizations and other stakeholders in Puerto Rico and around the world;
·        Compiling, tracking, and regularly reporting on key performance metrics (KPIs) to the COO including, but not limited to, number of leads generated, number of new opportunities, and number of decree applications, etc.; and
·        Any other responsibilities that the IPR Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, or Chief Operating Officer determine to be appropriate in order to fulfill IPR’s mission and mandate.

Job Requirements: 

Role-specific Qualifications
·        Excellent customer service skills;
·        Ability to update and refine a marketing and promotion strategy to attract new businesses and investment to the Island;
·        Ability to develop a budget and resource strategy for events and business development activities;
·        Ability to learn quickly the technical and business skills necessary to carry out insightful and impactful correspondence with potential investors and new businesses;
·        Strong knowledge of standard business relocation activities and resources;
·        Knowledge of basic real estate principles;
·        Knowledge of public administration and municipal government operations;
·        Knowledge of pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes and regulations pertaining to international investment;
·        Demonstrated ability to aggressively sell and close deals, while effectively providing client support; and
·        Strong management skills including ability to lead, direct, and manage a team of business developers and investment support personnel.
General Qualifications
·        A commitment and desire to have a positive impact on Puerto Rico’s economic future;
·        Broad knowledge of Puerto Rico’s economy: both its challenges and opportunities;
·        Broad knowledge of global business trends and local Puerto Rico resources and advantages;
·        Exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and be results and solutions oriented;
·        Ability to effectively and credibly communicate with leaders at the top levels of business and government;
·        Excellent written and oral communication skills;
·        Detail-oriented and conscientious;
·        Superior project management skills;
·        Superior networking and relationship-building skills, including individuals of diverse backgrounds;
·        Ability to effectively and credibly communicate with leaders at the top levels of business and government;
·        Ability to proactively manage internal and external stakeholders;
·        Strong conflict resolution and consensus-building skills;
·        Demonstrated credibility, integrity, and sincerity; and
·        Preference for bilingual skills in English and Spanish. Knowledge and fluency in other languages is also a plus.


·        Four-year degree from an accredited institution in business, economics, marketing, or a related field;
·        A master’s degree is strongly preferred;
·        A minimum of 15+ years of work experience, preferably in an economy and/or environment similar to that of Puerto Rico;
·        Willingness to travel nationally and internationally up to 50 percent of the time;
·        Willingness to relocate to Puerto Rico full-time;
·        Experience at the senior management level;
·        Experience in both the private and public sectors is strongly preferred;
·        Experience as an economic developer or business recruiter;
·        Demonstrated success in leading and motivating others to build a collaborative and high-performance team;
·        Experience leading a team that may include remote members in different time zones;
·        Proven experience developing, leading, and delivering results for investment and business development promotion strategies;
·        Experience using macroeconomic data and trends to understand opportunities and determine strategies; and
·        Experience in curating experiences for high-demand customers and clients.

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