President and CEO

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Wed, 01/02/2019
Amarillo Economic Development Corporation
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801 South Fillmore, Suite 205
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The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation's (EDC) mission is to promote business expansion in the greater Amarillo area that builds a stronger, more diversified economy. The Amarillo EDC assists primary businesses, which are companies that sell or provide the majority of their products or services outside the Texas Panhandle region, and do not compete directly with existing local businesses.
The EDC provides aggressive business incentive programs funded from the proceeds of a half-cent sales tax for economic development. Throughout its 28-year existence, the EDC has engaged more than 105 projects, key investments toward stabilizing and reinforcing the community’s economic strength. According to a recent report prepared by The Perryman Group, an independent research firm, the annual economic benefits stemming from companies assisted by the Amarillo EDC include $5.5 billion in gross product each year and 54,141 permanent jobs in the Amarillo Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). This overall impact represents about 44.4% of the economy and 62.8% of the incremental growth since the inception of the organization. The firm also estimates that one in three jobs in Amarillo area is linked to an EDC project.
The Amarillo EDC is a robust organization with a variety of tools available to ensure continued success in the future. It’s staff of five boasts more than 50 years in the industry and includes one registered Economic Development Financial Professional. Additional details of the organization include:

Board of Directors: 5
Total Sales Tax Revenue (2018): $19.1 million
Total Operating Budget (2019): $2.1 million

Assets Include:
- CenterPort – a rail served Business Park (450 acres)
- Occupied property portfolio of 1.2 million sq. ft.
- 1,118 acres of developable land

Amarillo EDC is focusing development efforts on four target industries:

• Aviation & Logistics
• Professional & Information Services
• Diversified Manufacturing
• Agriculture & Life Sciences

The Amarillo EDC’s 2018-2019 Plan of Work outlines all the ways the EDC will focus their efforts to attract and grow these industries in Amarillo in the coming year, including the organizations they will partner with, ways to further develop workforce, marketing efforts and much more.

President and CEO
The Amarillo EDC is presently recruiting a new President and CEO with the credentials to lead the organization in the promotion of economic development activities. The President and CEO will be responsible for growing the local economy through attraction and expansion efforts that realize smart job growth in the city. The President and CEO must also work at the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and openness.

• Work with Board of Directors to develop innovative initiatives designed to encourage economic growth through business attraction, retention and expansion programs that result in the creation of jobs and capital investment.
• Develop and implement an organizational strategic vision, incorporating internal goals as well as goals that align with local, regional and other stakeholders and partners.
• Analyze key industry sectors and develop targeted markets for business development.
• Develop and maintain communication programs that effectively convey the mission and successes of the EDC to the Amarillo community.
• Develop and maintain knowledge of all property products that is available e.g.: existing industrial and commercial sites.
• Work in partnership with educational leaders, business partners and other aligned organizations to further the workforce development system that attracts and develops talent.
• Work to establish collaborative partnerships with local, state and federal government officials, educational leaders, community stakeholders and business leaders to further the region’s economic strength and diversity.
• Serve as the organization’s primary external contact and spokesperson, including interaction with the media, community associations, private development entities, as well as others as necessary and appropriate.
• Manage the overall structuring, financing, negotiating incentives and closing deals on behalf of EDC.
• Attend meetings of the City Council and citizens advisory boards and make presentations regarding proposed projects and public policy issues.

Job Requirements: 

·        Charismatic leader with a passion and commitment for developing collaborative partnerships with business and community leaders.
·        An action-oriented, analytic, “get it done” professional with a passion for change and a willingness to think out of the box; ability to see beyond today.
·        Positive and compelling leader who believes in the message and will promote the EDC’s effort internally and externally with passion and enthusiasm.
·        An executive mind, capable of looking at the “big picture”, absorbing information quickly, thinking broadly, analyzing thoroughly and acting decisively.
·        Willing to play a highly visible role.  The ideal candidate must participate broadly across the leadership structure of the community and the state.
·        A motivator who creates a sense of mission and service, who values initiative and innovation, who seeks continuous improvement and who fosters effective communication and collaboration among people at all levels.
·        A history of unwavering personal and professional integrity.
·        Superior communication and presentation skills. Must possess extremely strong listening, writing and verbal skills.
·        Experience establishing positive and proactive communications with and among the Board of Directors with regard to strategic plans, policies and programs.
·        Effective management skills; a proven track record of people and project management; both tactical and strategic planning experience; a positive history of developing and meeting budgets and goals; a commitment to teamwork; ability to delegate and hold others accountable.
·        In-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of economic development.
·        Demonstrated ability to attract new jobs and to assist existing business expansion.
·        Experience working with site selection consultants.
·        Knowledge and experience in financial packaging.
·        Demonstrated ability to facilitate, structure and close deals.
·        Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
·        Sound management and administrative skills.
·        Excellent interpersonal, organizational and strategic planning skills.

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Candidates for this position will be evaluated by Jorgenson Consulting. The most qualified individuals will be invited to participate in the next phase of the selection process. For consideration, please submit a letter of interest and résumé to PLEASE NOTE THAT UNDER TEXAS PUBLIC RECORDS LAW, DOCUMENTS AND INFORMATION PROVIDED TO THE AMARILLO EDC OR JORGENSON CONSULTING ON BEHALF OF THE AMARILLO EDC, MAY BE SUBJECT TO PUBLIC DISCLOSURE.