85th Legislative Session

The Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) is our state's leading advocate for public policies related to economic development and is the voice of economic development practitioners all over our great state. For over 55 years, the TEDC has taken the lead in advocating and supporting pro-economic initiatives that enhance Texas' ability to compete for jobs and investment.


»Understanding Chapter 313


»House Select Committee on Economic Competitiveness Report

»Announcement: Speaker Strauss Not to Seek Relection »Economic Development Sales Tax Primer~2018 Update

Special Session

»Bill Track 8-17-17 »Legislative Update on 20 Items
»Bill Track 7-25-17 »Legislative Update 8-16-17

Bill Tracks

Legislative Updates

  »Legislative Update 6-22-17
  »Legislative Update 5-30-17
»Bill Track 6-22-17 »Legislative Update 5-21-17
»Bill Track 5-30-17 »Legislative Update 5-7-17
»Bill Track 5-2-17 »Legislative Update 4-21-17
»Bill Track 4-28-17 »Legislative Update 4-14-17
»Bill Track 4-21-17 »Legislative Update 4-7-17
»Bill Track 4-13-17 »Legislative Update 3-24-17
»Bill Track 3-24-17 »Legislative Update 3-17-17
»Bill Track 3-13-17 »Legislative Update 3-10-17
»Bill Track 3-7-17 »Legislative Update 3-3-17
»Bill Track 2-24-17 »Legislative Update 2-24-17
»Bill Track 2-17-17 »Legislative Update 2-17-17
»Bill Track 2-10-17 »Legislative Update 2-10-17
»Bill Track 2-3-17 »Legislative Update 2-3-17
»Bill Track 1-27-17 »Legislative Update 1-27-17
»Bill Track 1-20-17 »Legislative Update 1-20-17
»Bill Track 1-13-17 »Legislative Update 1-16-17

Texas House

Texas Senate

»House Committee Appointments »Senate Committee Appointments
»House Committee on Economic Development & Small Business 85th Legislative Session Interim Report »Senate Commmittee on Natural Resources and Economic Development 85th Legislative Session Interim Report