Onshore Outsourcing to bring Rural IT Sourcing and over 100 new Jobs to Crockett, Texas

Crockett Economic & Industrial Development Corp.

Company’s rapid growth and huge demand for IT services propel opening of a new facility in rural Texas town.


Macon, Mo., April 5, 2019 – Onshore Outsourcing (Onshore), the market leader in providing

rural information technology services and solutions to Fortune 2000 companies, announced the

expansion of its rural footprint by opening in Crockett, Texas its third rural delivery center. The

new delivery center will help Onshore extend its managed services, DevOps, data analytics, and

service desk capabilities to serve a growing customer base in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, and



Onshore is a unique, mission-based IT outsourcing firm, distinguished by its quest to inspire

positive social and economic change in small communities that have been hurt by a new digital

economy. The firm’s purpose is to help people see beyond their current situation toward a better

way of life. At present, Onshore realizes its purpose by providing practical IT training and

employment opportunities to underemployed and dislocated workers in Macon, Missouri and

Glennville, Georgia. Employees of Onshore get to work on some of the most advanced business

and technology problems shaping our world today. Throughout its 14-year history, Onshore has

served many of the largest and most recognizable firms in America and has employed over 1,000

people, creating an entirely new middle class in both Macon and Glennville alike. Now, Onshore

people, creating an entirely new middle class in both Macon and Glennville alike. Now, Onshore

seeks to bring the same social and economic prosperity to Crockett, Texas.


“We’re delighted to be adding Crockett to the list of communities we serve, and we applaud the

community for having the vision to invest in itself. We know how hard it is for small towns to

survive in an economic landscape driven by globalization and technological disruption. The

future can be scary, but I saw something special in Crockett that should give people hope. I saw

people unified in their desire to not only survive, but to thrive in the face of these challenges. I

saw people who deeply care about future generations in Crockett. This hopeful spirit is

something the community should be proud of,” said Shane Mayes, Onshore CEO. He further

added, “I’d like to thank the men and women of the city council, Mayor Clonts, John Angerstein,

the board members of the Crockett Economic & Industrial Corporation, and especially James

Gentry for his leadership in creating the economic foundation that Onshore will build upon as we

set out on this journey to create 100 information technology jobs in Crockett over the next

several years.”


“We welcome Onshore’s decision to designate Crockett as a new home and grow its workforce.

We truly believe that our city and surrounding communities can deliver the expert IT pool and

resources to Onshore and are looking forward to working with them as we expand business and

rural employment opportunities for a better economy,” said James Gentry, Executive Director,

Crockett Economic & Industrial Development Corp. “The impact of Onshore on our

community’s is expected to have a significant impact on the culture here in Crockett and allow

the citizens of our community to hold their heads high as they become contributors to the

prosperity of Crockett, Texas.”


“The response from the Crockett community has been overwhelming. We're proud to add them

to our list of partners joining our mission to revitalize small-town America. I know I speak for all

of us when I say: it's time to get to work!” said Dan Nixon, VP, Client Services & Workforce

Management, Onshore.


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