Tank Wash To Expand In Hillsboro

Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation

Hillsboro—A company with operations in Colorado City will be expanding in the Hillsboro industrial park in the coming months.

Lancaster Diamond Properties, recently purchased just over 80 acres on either side of the new Gate Precast Structural plant on Spur 579.

The Texas Tank Works facility will utilize approximately 10 acres off of Industrial Loop near the Martin Marietta concrete plant.

Plats for the new development were have been approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and Hillsboro City Council.

The tract west of Gate Precast was platted into four lots, including the Tank Works tract. The other tract was platted into just one lot for the time being.

According to Chris Ewing, with E Four Holdings, the balance of the property was purchased for investment purposes, but he has already had two inquiries without any marketing.

The company is expected to invest approximately $1.2 million in the project, including the land.

It will feature four bays, three that will connect to the city’s sewer system and one that will handle any hazardous residue trailers that come to the facility for cleaning.

Ewing explained that tests are conducted when tanks arrive at the facility to determine the toxicity or lack thereof, of its contents, which dictates how the cleaning process will be handled.

Runoff from the non-hazardous process will be placed in holding tanks on the grounds. The contents will then be tested by the company and the city to assure it is safe for release into the sewer system.

Should contaminants be detected, the liquid will have to be disposed of off-site, Ewing explained.

All runoff from the hazardous bay has to be taken off site for processing.

The company initially plans to employ six people, but the building is being constructed to expand to eight bays, which would require up to 20 employees.

The company will be submitting a Neighborhood Empowerment Zone application through the city’s Community Development Department.

If approved, the company will receive a 50-percent abatement on its city property taxes for a five-year period, will be eligible for a one-percent sales tax rebate on construction supplies purchased in the city, plus the waiver of permitting, water and wastewater fees.

With the plats approved, construction documents will be submitted to the city for review and the issuance of permits.

Ewing said he hoped to have construction underway later in December.

The company is also in the process of acquiring property in south Houston for a third tank wash facility.