Terry Wegman Plans to Retire

Big Spring Economic Development Corporation

Terry Wegman, Executive Director for the Big Spring Economic Development Corporation announced to the Board at the regular scheduled meeting Tuesday night that he plans to retire at the end of March 2020.

Mr. Wegman was hired as Executive Director in July of 2007. He, along with the vision of the Board, has facilitated numerous projects and programs during his tenure including: facilitating the development of several wind farms in the County, redevelopment of the Settles Hotel, expansion of several businesses on the Air/Industrial Park, numerous upgrades to buildings and the runways at the Airpark, utility infrastructure improvements within the City, most recently re-establishing rail service to the Air/Industrial Park and completing several rail expansion projects, and initiating building entry ways from the new Hwy. 87 reliever route into the Park from the south and west interchanges.

The Board will begin a search for a new Executive Director in the upcoming weeks. Mr. Wegman has indicated he will be available to assist and consult on continuing projects going forward.