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C2ER - Make accurate and reliable cost of living comparisons between your area and any other participating cities across the United States. (formerly ACCRA)
Applied Geographic Solutions - AGS's demographic data is used for conducting site selection evaluations, identifying new business opportunities, and targeting consumers for advertising campaigns.
Census Bureau - Demographic data.
City Data - Demographic reports by city.
Claritas - Demographic reports of all kinds such as psychographics, sociographics, retail leakage, and more.
Development Alliance - A site selectors portal for community information.
ESRI - ESRI designs and develops the worlds leading geographic information system technology.
Pitney Bowes Business Insight - Enables organizations to make decisions through a comprehensive set of solutions for maximizing the value of customer and location data.
Zip Skinny - Enter any zip code nationwide and get demographic information based on the census bureau data.


US Cluster Mapping Project - Provides open data on cluster initatives.
National Exceess Manufacturing Capacity Catalogue - Provides details information about underutilized manufacturing sites and the community in which they are located.
Digital Globe - Allows you to get an aerial photograph of anywhere in the nation.
ESRI - ESRIand GIS (geographic and information system) modeling and mapping software technology.
Google Earth - Earth satellite imagery as close as your driveway.
U.S. Geological Survey - USGS maps range from detailed locations to the world.
U.S. Census Bureau - GIS thematic mapping for the computer savvy.

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American Association for Advancement of Science - Keep tabs on US government R&D policy and legislation. Includes regular updates on the fate of R&D programs in the federal budget.
Association of American Universities - A good place for tracking federal budget issues and legislation.
Bio Technology Industry Organization - BIOis the world's largest biotechnology organization.
Department of Commerce, Science, and Technology - Information for the US technology Administration and other R&D related programs the department administers.
Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer - The FLC serves as a point of entry to federal laboratory expertise and technology.
Information Technology Association of America - main trade association for the US information technology industry.
Innovations Associates - AI leverages R&D resources for economic development.
Milken Institute - reports on technology-led development.
National Conference of State Legislatures - Web site includes policy information on a variety of topics.
National Technology and Transfer Center - Provides information and other services to the R&D sector.
Small Business Technology Coalition - Promotes the creation and growth of research-intensive, tech based small businesses.
Southern Growth Policies Board - Focuses on economic development in the United States.
State Science and Technology Institute - A national non profit organization dedicated to improving government industry programs taht encourage economic growth.
T2M Technology to Market - A nonprofit business accelerator for high tech companies.
Technology Administration - A federal agency working to maximize technologies contributions.
Texas Healthcare & Bioscience institute - with a focus on lobbying and advocacy as well as industry vitalization.
U.S. Copyright Office - obtain general information and publications related to US copyright law.
U.S. Patent and Trademark office - search the U.S. patent indexes.

Website Development

EDSuite - Economic Development website development and hosting.
GIS Planning - Web-based geographic information systems for economic development.
iProspect - iProspect is a search engine marketing professional services.
Link Popularity - link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site.
Search Engine Optimization - search engine optimization tools.
Website Counter - The counter provides accurate up to the minute reports on how your web pages are being used by visitors.