Finance Funding & Incentives

Type A/Type B Sales Tax Management & Administration

»Permissible Projects Summary - EDT Best Practices (2017)
»Economic Development Sales Tax Study - Dr. Perryman (2014)
»Economic Development Sales Tax Report - TX Comptroller's Office (2014-2015 biennium report)
»Economic Development Sales Tax Report - TX Comptroller's Office (2012-2013 biennium report)
»Type A EDC Bylaws (Balch Springs EDC)
»Type B EDC Bylaws (Balch Springs EDC)
»Economic Development Sales Tax Primer
»Economic Development Handbook (2013) 
»Development Corporation Act of 1979
»ED Sales Tax Type A and Type B City List
»Funding Guidelines
»Economic Development Sales Tax Turns 25 - Dr. Ray Perryman, The Perryman Group

Economic Forecasting & Analysis

Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis - The FSU Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis (CEFA).
IHS Global Insight - Provides comprehensive economic, financial, and political coverage available to support planning and decision making.
Moody's - An provider of economic analysis, data, and forecasting and credit risk services.
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) - The NBER is a nonprofit economic research organization.  Their research focuses on developing new statistical measurements, tools to assess economic behavior and projecting the effects of alternative policy proposals.
Oxford Economic Forecasting - Oxford Economic is an economic forecasting consultantcy, producing data and analysis for 175 countries.
Perryman Group - The Perryman Group is an economic and financial analysis firm located in Waco, Texas.

Funding Sources

Angel Capital Association  - North America's professional Alliance of Angel groups.
Capital Certified Development Corporation  - Non-profit provider of business financing solutions.
Community Development Venture Capital Alliance - CDVCA is the network for the rapidly growing field of community development venture capital.
Council for Development Finance Agencies - National association dedicated to the advancemet of development finance concerns.
Department of Commerce - Department whose responsibility is to foster and promote the Nation's economic developement.
Economic Development Agency - Government agency that provides different investment programs: Public Works and Economic Development, Economic Adjustment Assistance, Research and National Technical Assistance, Planning Program, University Center Economic Development, and Trade Adjustment Assistance for firms.
Grant Station - A list of available federal funds.
National Association of Seed and Venture Funds - An organization providing information.
Listing of Links to Business Financing Agencies and Products


»Texas Business Incentives and Programs
»State Economic/Business Incentive Database
»Application for Incentives

General Information

»Evaluating Incentives - A Rational Approach (TTARA)
»Federal New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) Overview
»Incentive Point System example - Warren County, NC
»Incentive Point System example - Chatham County, NC
»Business Incentive Summary - City of Tyler 
»Airline Incentives - Killeen
»Economic Development Incentives by Peter Smith
»Investment Policy - Big Spring
»Retail Incentives Guidelines
»Tax Increment Financing per AG's ED handbook
»Tax Related ED Programs
»New Market Tax Credit - The Forgotten Incentive   
»States Use Incentives to Attract Renewable Energy Business   
»Retention Incentives Lure Companies to Stay Put   
»Incentives in the New Economy   

Skills Development Fund

»Skills for Small Business
»Skills Develoopment Fund
»Skills Development Fund Regional Representatives

Tax Abatement

»Understanding Chapter 313
»Chapter 313 Report 2017
»Clawback Agreement Sample.doc
»Response(s) to Critics of Tax Abatements
»Tax-Related State and Local Economic Development Programs
»Tax Abatement Position Paper
»Azle Tax Abatement Policy
»Benbrook Tax Abatement Policy
»DeSoto Tax Abatement Policy
»Fort Worth Tax Abatement Policy
»Friendswood Tax Abatement Policy
»San Antonio Tax Abatement Policy

Tax Increment Financing / Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone

»The ABCs of TIF's
»Loans under Chapter 380
»Mesquite 1997-Rodeo City TIF Proj Financing Plan.pdf