Mentorship Program

TEDC’s goal, through this mentorship, is to connect mentor economic developers with new or young economic developers around the state. During this process, the mentee will have an opportunity to walk through any issues that he or she is dealing with at the moment. These situations could range anywhere from issues dealing with their board, to developing new prospects; from negotiation incentives, to land development, and more.

Program Goals

To help educate and train the next generation of economic developers in Texas by fostering communication and positive working relationships with successful economic developers.

Goals of the Mentor

  • Mentor should be willing to go to the community and listen, discover issues, get to know the Mentee and his/her situations, give direction/recommendations
  • Face-to-face connection on-site
  • Relationship should continue career-long for encouragement, etc

Mentor Qualifications

  • Must be a current or past TEDC board member
  • Earned professional designation related to economic development such as CED, CEcD, EDFP, CCIM - OR - have at least 15 years of economic development experience
  • Able and willing to dedicate the required time and travel resources to properly represent TEDC and effectively mentor new economic development professionals
  • Willing to sincerely “give back” to the economic development profession without seeing this as an opportunity to gain intelligence from competing communities


Sr. Management economic development professionals that are new to the profession, either because they are a young professional or they have come to economic development from a different profession or career. These professionals would also be evaluated by the Mentor Program Sub-Committee for consideration.  In order to participate in this program, mentees must be a member of TEDC.


Hand picked, long time TEDC members that have served in leadership roles and have a positive reputation and outlook in Texas and the economic development industry.  Members that are at that point in their career that they are ready to sincerely “give back” to the profession and mentor other economic developers in Texas.  Mentors must be a current or past TEDC board member.