Priefert Manufacturing To Expand In Mount Plesant

Mount Pleasant Industrial Foundation

NEWS FROM: Mount Pleasant, TX
POSTED: Friday 18, May, 2012

Mount Pleasant Industrial Group Approves
Assistance Package for Priefert Manufacturing Expansion

With a series of actions the Mount Pleasant Industrial Development Corporation, City Council and County Court approved an incentive package to support the expansion of Priefert Manufacturing. The expansion will include the construction of two entirely new buildings with a total square footage of over 42,000 square feet and an addition of one existing plant area where powder coating of products take place. Priefert Manufacturing has indicated they will invest over 1.4 Million dollars in new building and almost 1 Million dollars in new high tech equipment which will make their operation more profitable.

Priefert manufacturing is already one of Mount Pleasants largest manufacturers with over 600 individuals currently working at the facility. The expansion will increase employment by an additional 32 persons over the next twenty four months. The company manufactures a wide array of farm and ranch products, cattle and livestock panels and equipment for tractors. The company distributes their products throughout the nation and internationally.

The Industrial Development Corporation approved a Tax Abatement Request from the company for the new facilities and equipment along with an incentive which will offset building permits. These actions were supported with unanimous approval from the Mount Pleasant City Council and the Titus County Commissioners Court. To provide the Tax Abatement, the City Council created a “reinvestment zone” then followed that action with approval of the tax abatement agreement. The County Commissioners then unanimously approved the same tax abatement agreement.

Charlie Smith, Executive Director of the Mount Pleasant Industrial Foundation indicated that it has been the policy of the IDC and City to support the existing local industries in the same fashion and at the same levels as they would support a new company locating to the community. This is distinctive and it is a great benefit to assist our local industries to grow here.

One component of the new equipment which Priefert is installing is a robotic inventory control and “picking” system which will allow the company to store small component parts vertically then “pick” them from inventory when needed for production with automatic or robotic equipment and deliver them to the production floor. Smith indicated, “This is efficient use of manpower and space within the factory and it is one reason we have supported the Industrial Technology Training Center in Mount Pleasant. Priefert Manufacturing and companies like Priefert will need talented persons to program and work on this equipment.” “Technology is where manufacturing is going to go and Mount Pleasant is going to have the workforce to support it.”

The Priefert Manufacturing facility is a “hometown” company which was started by Marvin Priefert and grown right here in Titus County. Bill Priefert, Marvin’s son now serves as the Chairman of the Board of the company and Eddie Priefert serves as President. The company’s first products were “head gates” used when working cattle. In the past three years the company has developed a full line of equipment for use on the farm and ranch. The company has always been quick to adopt modern manufacturing techniques and technology to make production more efficient. The bright blue paint is a symbol of quality in farm and ranch products and it is easily recognized on the chute gates at national pro rodeos and down on the farm.