The TEDC PAC is the political arm of the Texas Economic Development Council, the state’s professional association of economic developers.  Organized in 1997, the TEDC PAC represents the interests of more than 850 economic developers from across Texas.  The TEDC PAC is governed by a subcommittee of the TEDC Legislative Committee with representation from across Texas.

What we do:
The TEDC PAC raises and distributes funds to political candidates and office holders who support a robust, competitive environment for economic development in the state.  The TEDC PAC is bipartisan. Contributions are made through a collaborative decision-making process with ample opportunities for input from our members and TEDC leadership. Interested TEDC PAC members may attend fundraisers and help deliver contributions to their local representatives.
How we do it
The TEDC PAC raises funds in two main ways.  First, we ask for personal contributions from individual TEDC members.  Second, we host fundraising events throughout the year, including our annual PAC auction held at the TEDC Annual Conference. You must first be a member of the TEDC before you may become a member of the TEDC's PAC.
Why we do it
Politics is a contact sport--like it or not--and the TEDC PAC helps the economic development profession get in the game.  Collaborating through the TEDC PAC gives economic developers a stronger voice before state decision makers on the issues that matter to our communities and our professional.
Why you should join the TEDC PAC
Joining the TEDC PAC is a sound investment in your profession--and your community.  For a small annual contribution, you can join together with your colleagues to support political candidates that share your commitment to economic development. To be a member of the TEDC's PAC, you must be a member of the TEDC.
Although the TEDC PAC may not solicit or accept corporate contributions for political purposes, we can and do accept contributions from partner organizations for administrative purposes.
*Donations and Contributions to the TEDC PAC are not tax deductible for federal income taxes purposes.