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Community Economic Development Award
Workforce Excellence Award
Economic Excellence Recognition Program

Community Economic Development Award

In 1995, the TEDC established the Community Economic Development Award (CEDA), to honor excellence and exceptional contributions of Texas communities in economic development. The criteria used to determine the CEDA recipients include:


  • innovativeness
  • transferability
  • community commitment and leverage
  • measurable objectives
  • secondary benefits to the community


  • Community recognition on TEDC's website for one year for award recipients
  • Plaque recognition to display in your community for all applicants
  • Community recognition at TEDC's annual conference award's luncheon for all applicants

TEDC 2022 Community Economic Development Awards

Nominations for the TEDC's 2022 CEDA are open. Applications must be submitted to Amy Swank by 5:00 PM on Friday, August 19th, 2022. To view the award eligibility and for more details, download the application below.

The 2022 CEDA nominees and recipients will be honored at the TEDC's 2022 Annual Conference, October 19-21, in San Antonio.

Matt Prochaska, Brazos Valley EDC Community Economic Development Award Testimonial

TEDC 2021 Community Economic Development Award Recipients

2021 CEDA Recipients by Population
  • Hillsboro Economic Development Corporation [pop. less than 10,000]
  • Terrell Economic Development Corporation [pop. 10,001-20,000]
  • City of Lancaster [pop. 20,001-50,000]
  • Conroe Economic Development Council [pop. 50,001-100,000]
  • Odessa Chamber of Commerce [pop. 100,001-250,000]
  • Borderplex Alliance/El Paso [pop. 250,000+]
2021 CEDA Recipients - Criteria
  • Development Corporation of Abilene [Innovativeness]
  • New Braunfels Economic Development Corporation [Transferability]
  • Conroe Economic Development Council [Community Commitment and Leverage]
  • Brookshire Economic Development Corporation [Measured Objectives]
  • Terrell Economic Development Corporation [Secondary Benefits]
2021 CEDA Recipients - Resilience and Recovery
  • Bowie Economic Development Corporation [pop. less than 10,000]
  • Terrell Economic Development Corporation [pop. 10,001-20,000]
  • Denison Development Alliance [pop. 20,001-50,000]
  • Greater San Marcos Partnership [pop. 50,001-100,000]
  • City of Edinburg [pop. 100,001-250,000]
  • Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation [pop. 250,001+]